Monday, August 09, 2004

Cheney and Intel Czar, Iraqi Leadership

From the Fox-News-will-surely-call-this-a-flip-flop department: A 1992 letter from Cheney explains why he didn't want an intelligence czar then, but apparently he sees things differently now...

Salem Witch Hunt?: From NYTimes,

The charges against the younger Chalabi, Salem, appear more serious, alleging his involvement in the killing of Haithem Fadhil, a director general of the Iraqi Finance Ministry, in June.

Good thing Ahmed Chalabi was sifted out: From several weeks ago, the Sydney Morning Herald was the only paper to pick up on witness reports of executions committed by Allawi himself. Two papers (Washington Times and The Philadelphia Daily News) did similar stories, but this story will probably remain buried until the Iraqi election.

Once again, thanks to the amazing archives of Atrios.

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